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His journey from Xerox to Formula 1
Brian Sims - sponsorship acquisition
Brian Sims at the Autosport Show with the Willams F1 car in 2015.jpg

The book that shows you what can be achieved in life if you are prepared to be innovative and think outside that proverbial "box". 

Most importantly it shows you how to have fun along the way and not to worry what other people think you should do. 

It's full of fascinating anecdotes about the business world of F1, of his own racing career, of two pioneering projects in South Africa  and the UK and how Brian and his wife Liz set up South Africa's first ever professional race driver school.


It's a feel-good read that inspires, amuses, informs and surprises readers. This isn't a book about motor racing ..... it's a book about making the most of your talents, however few or many you might think you have.

A great the video and then Click to buy

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